The Constitution of Friends of Romiley Park

1. Name

a. The name of the group is Friends of Romiley Park (FRP)

2. Definitions

a. "Community" means Friends of Romiley Park

b. "Romiley" means any place within the boundaries of Romiley Ward

c. "Residents" means with regard to Romiley, all residents and land-owners and includes proprietors of business, and appointed representatives of educational establishments, and social and religious organisations.

d. "Council" means Stockport M.B.C., and includes its subsidiary bodies, elected Members and employees.

e. "Park" means Romiley Park, including the formal gardens, playing areas, play equipment and access ways.

f. "Recreational Facilities" means the recreational facilities of any type provided for the Residents.

3. Objects

a. To have regard for all aspects of the provision of Recreational Facilities.

b. To represent the the interests of the Residents to the Council on matters of Recreational Facilities.

c. To promote the use, care and improvement of the Park and other Recreational Facilities.

d. To raise and expend funds for the improvement of the Park and other Recreational Facilities.

4. Members

a. All individual Residents are eligible for membership.

b. Corporate organisations in Romiley may each appoint one Member who need not be a Resident.

c. Council representatives, whether Residents or not, may not be members.

d. Membership will be free of charge.

5. Officers

a. A Chairperson will be elected from amongst Members.

b. A Treasurer will be elected from amongst Members.

c. Election of Chair and Treasurer will be by rotation every two years.

d. A Secretary will be appointed who need not be a Member.

e. An Auditor will be appointed annually from amongst the Residents who are not members.

6. Meetings

a. Meetings will be held in a public venue in Romiley.

b. Meetings will be held not less than once every six months.

c. The first meeting in any year shall be the Annual General Meeting.

d. Meetings will normally be held jointly with representatives of the Council.

e. Meetings of Residents separate from the Council will be held if requested by five members.

f. A Minute of proceedings of each meeting will be recorded and kept publicly available for inspection by Members.

7. Sub-committees

a. Sub-committees may be appointed ad hoc.

b. Each sub-committee will report progress to each meeting of the Community.

c. Sub-committees may not ingather, hold, or expend funds.

8. Notice

a. Not less than fourteen days' notice of meetings will be given to every Member.

b. Notice shall be in writing and delivered by post or by hand, or sent by e-mail.

c. Notice will, wherever possible, include the Minute of the previous meeting.

9. Voting

a. Members will be eligible to vote only after attending one meeting.

b. Council representatives, whether, residents or not, may not vote.

c. Voting will normally be by show of hands.

d. Voting will be by ballot if requested by five Members.

10. Finance

a. The Community may ingather and expend funds in whatever means it considers desirable for the purposes of its objects.

b. All funds, except such minor sums as may be necessary to defray secretarial expenses, shall be kept in the name of the Community in account with a Bank or Building Society in Romiley.

c. Amounts of more than £2,500 not required for immediate expenditure shall be kept on deposit.

d. All withdrawals from the Community's account must have prior approval of the Community and require the signature of both the Chairperson and the Treasurer (or other two members expressly appointed for the purpose).

e. The financial year of the Community will be the calendar year.

f. The Treasurer will keep proper books of account available for inspection by any Member.

g. The Treasurer will produce an Annual Balance Sheet for scrutiny by the Auditor before each Annual General Meeting.