Minutes of the Meeting held on 9 April 2024 at 10.00 at Romiley Life Centre
Present: Tracey Adams, Pam Read, Terry Holmes, Jean Bartlett, Philippa Bonorino
Apologies: Beryl Smith, John Young, Anne Granby, Abdulnaser Alshurbaji, Mohammad Alsaied, Debbie Barraclough, Bob Cunliffe
1. Minutes of the meeting on 7 November 2023 were accepted as a correct record.
2. Matters arising: none.
3. Treasurer’s Report: PR reported a balance of £2305.63 after receipt of two donations (see below).
4. Action Plan
• Wildflower meadow – The first cut is due soon, then there are wildflower seeds to be sown. PB
• Trees – PB met AC in March and agreed a planting plan for eight new trees, which have now been planted. They are 2 paper bark Beech to replace the damaged Liquidambar, 1 flowering pear to replace one which became waterlogged, 1 multi-stemmed Betula to replace one destroyed by vandalism, 1 Crataegus to replace one damaged by the new fence at the Compstall Rd entrance, 1 flowering Cherry to replace one taken down from the laurel hedge, 1 Alder at the edge of the wildflower area and 1 Plane tree to replace a vandalised tree along the school boundary. Thanks to Anthony Crook for organising these for us. Action PB
The planting of the 6 Paulownia, which TH has been growing on was discussed. It was agreed to suggest to BS that they should be dedicated to the memory of AS. Action TA/TH
• School bed – The improvement in the appearance of the section next to Sandy Lane was noted. Regular maintenance is needed. Action TA/JB
More plants will need to be moved in the redesigned section before new plants are purchased. It was agreed to purchase 4 X 60l bags of compost to further improve the soil. Action PB/TH
• Wet beds – Regular maintenance will continue. TH
• Centre bed – Regular maintenance continues. Most of the major bushes have been pruned hard and are beginning to grow back. PB
• Optician’s bed – Regular maintenance has continued to attempt to keep on top of the bindweed. The hedge at the back will be trimmed at the next opportunity. PR/AG
• Compstall Rd – The beds have been weeded and tidied and many of the bushes cut back. Another session will be needed in a couple of months. PB
• Carlton Ave – The bushes have been cut back but a maintenance session needs to be scheduled in. PB
• Tubs – The herb tub has been sponsored by the Chai Village Café and has a plaque. Some of the Thymes have suffered from the winter weather. SMBC gave some bulbs, which were planted in the tubs and look very good. Begonias will take over once the bulbs finish JB
5. Donations – Thanks to the Lions for inviting us to their Charter meeting, where PB won £50.00 for speaking about how we use their donations and £100.00 for winning a game. Unfortunately, the executive committee of the Romiley Bowling club decided not to proceed with a donation. Thanks to JB for her efforts to raise more funds.
6. Gardening – Monday 15 and Saturday 27 April 2024. PB
7. Other business
• Action Plan – to be updated. PB
• Social – Thursday 16 May at the Hare and Hounds in Mill Brow to be investigated. JB
8. Next Meeting – Tuesday 2 July at 10.00 at the Life Centre
The meeting closed at 11.10