Childrens Play Area

In the Spring of 2009, the Friends Group successfully obtained a £25,000 grant from The Big Lottery, along with £1,000 from AkzoNobel and Commuted Funds via Stockport MBC. These monies have enabled us to remove some of the 1970’s play equipment in the children’s play area and replace them with up to date items. New slide, Swings, increased to 4, a modern roundabout, 3 Seater Spring See-saw, Tire Swing and New benches were also put in.

In March 2011 the Friends received a further grant from AkzoNobel of £5,000. With this funding we have been able to put in two spring riders and colourful, educational floor markings.

A new notice and rubbish bin were installed and bike racks, just outside the play area.

The next phase, removed the climbing frame. This was deemed unsafe and a new fit for purpose replacement was installed. Stepping Stones took place of the old see-saw. There has been some maintenance updates completed, such as the safety flooring.

Romiley Park Play Area improvements

Romiley Park Play Area improvements