Minutes of the Eleventh Annual General Meeting held on 7th January 2020 @7.00pm at The Life Centre, Romiley.

Present: - Tracey Adams, Alan & Beryl Smith, Pam Reed, P Birchenhough, Philippa Bonorino, Terry Holmes, Jean Bartlett, Glenys Backhouse, John Ackers & Debbie Barraclough *All Residents.

1. The Chair (Tracey Adams) welcomed all present and read out the Notice of the Meeting.

Apologies – Jill Lince.

2. Minutes of the Meeting held on 8th January 2019 were approved.

3. Treasurers Report: - Pam Reed presented the accounts for the year ending 31 December 2019.  Income totalled £3063.70; expenditure £2552.28 leaving a balance of £3580.38.  The income was almost totally from the Community Fun Day plus £200 donation from Romiley Board Mills. The items of expenditure were for the website & hosting renewal £94.19, tree/shrubs/compost £325.16, clothing £275 and the remainder the costs of the Fun Day. Inaddition donations totalling £400 have been made to local voluntary groups and charities. DB welcomed the donation from RBM and hoped they may become sponsors. 

4Chairperson Annual Report

2019 has once again seen month on month of commitment and enthusiasm, from the Friends of Romiley Park members. With their dedication, to providing the community with a park to be proud of, through on-going improvements and gardening to the annual fun day. Year on year, the park seems to have an increase number of users and compliments from many are received throughout the months.

As in previous times, the gardeners of the 

Group developed a plan for the year of works, which included:

  • more attention on the Carlton Avenue planting and maintenance. Working on the beds and planters and substantially cutting back the bramble. A considerable amount of hard work was required in digging up and removing some of the thick, tough and deep roots, which then gave an opportunity to grass the area. Unfortunately, it would require a commercial digger to remove the vast amount of remaining bramble and so it was decided to just try and keep it under control. 
  • Front Centre Bed was planted with over 130 perennial plants, which are thriving despite are changeable climate. Many gardening hours were also spent in this location, weeding, pruning and relocating plants and shrubs. 
  • The School Bed, Opticians Bed and Planters also received considerable attention. Weeding, pruning and planting up.
  • Compstall Road Bed was overhauled. With pruning and moving overgrown plants and shrubs. Weeding and removing rubbish. 
  • A large number of bulbs were received from Stockport MBC Parks & Outdoor and the Friends planted these throughout the greenspace.
  • There were some plants donated by Woodbank Park and Dobbiesgarden centre, which were accepted with Thanks.
  • Monies were given towards the purchase of some new trees around the park. To date since the creation of the Friends Group, there have been over 60 new ones planted in the park. 
  • In June, the members were very pleased to accept a plane tree, used in a Chelsea Flower Show 2019 garden. This was obtained thanks to Anthony Crook (Senior Arboriculture and Habitat Officer, SMBC). The tree was fostered by the children of Romiley Primary School, who kept it watered throughout its first few months. This was paramount in ensuring the tree was able to root and therefore survive its journey up to the North.

Community Fun Day 

The Friends Fun Day sub-committee worked diligently to provide yet another superb event. Hundreds of the community and visitors enjoyed a variety of entertainment, from music, drama, animals, sports, inflatables and infamous dog show. The Romiley Life Centre held an extremely successful Bake Off competition. Stalls provided food, drink, gifts. Once more, appreciation and praise were received.


New members. We were extremely lucky to recruit some new gardeners this year, Abdulnaser, Glynis and Donna - Welcome and thanks for your support.


It is no surprise that all the things mentioned, could not have been done without the endless passion of the Friends of Romiley Park. As one of Stockport Boroughs most successful and dedicated groups, many, many hours are given freely by the few, to provide the many with an outstanding green space to use, enjoy and appreciate. Thank-you!

Thanks to SMBC Parks and outdoor spaces for their help and support.

A special thank-you to Anthony Crook, for his outstanding help, advice and work with the trees.

Katie Wade and Lesley Cranwell at Romiley Life Centre, for their support in providing a room and refreshments for our meetings.

Pam Reid for her hard work as treasurer.

Jean Bartlett for her first rate social secretary skills.

Alan Smith for publishing minutes of meetings, completing grant applications and the many, many unseen jobs you do.

As a founder member of the Friends Group, Alan Smith has been secretary for over 14 years and He has decided that now it is time to let someone else have this stupendous job. During his reign, He has gone over and above the job description. As a gifted communicator and diplomat, Alan has been successful in gaining and maintaining relationships with a wide variety of people and organisationsthroughout his time, ensuring that the Group has access to help and monies. Without his commitment, it is unlikely that the Group would have survived, let alone have become the accomplished success it is. On behalf of the Friends of Romiley Park, Thanks Alan, for providing Big Boots to Fill for the next secretary and we look forward to your continued gardening prowess for many years to come.

Finally, it is with great sadness that the Group recently learned of the passing of one of our original members. Cllr Hazel Lees was for many years a regular gardener with the Friends Group. Her support to the Friends was much appreciated. 

We send condolences to her family and friends.

5. Election of Officers

Chair – Tracey Adams was proposed, seconded and elected unanimously.

Treasurer – Pan Reed was proposed, seconded and elected unanimously.

Secretary – Philippa Bonorino was proposed, seconded and elected unanimously.

7. There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 19.40.

Alan Smith 10/01/2020.