Minutes of the EleventhAnnual General Meeting held on 8thJanuary 2019 @7.00pm at The Life Centre, Romiley.

Present: - Tracey Adams*, Alan & Beryl Smith*, Pam Reed*,Birchenhough*, Philipa Bonorino*, Terry Holmes*, Jean Bartlett*&Debbie Barraclough* *Residents.

1. The Chair (Tracey Adams) welcomed all present and read out the Notice of the Meeting.

Apologies –Jill Lince*, Sharon & John Ackers.

2. Minutes of the Meeting held on 10th January 2017 were approved subject to a correction of the date they were written 2018 not 2017.

3. Treasurers Report: - Pam Reed presented the accounts for the year ending 31 December 2017.  Income totalled £4233.00, expenditure £3631.00 leaving a balance of £2869.03.  The income was almost totally from the Community Fun Day plus £100 donation from ADHOC Band. The items of expenditure were forredesign of the website & hosting renewal £150.00, tree/shrubs/compost £382.82, picnic table £1250, gazebo £349.99 and the remainderthe costs of the Fun Day. In addition donations totalling £200 have been made to local voluntary groups and charities. There were no questions.

4 Chairperson’s Annual Report

March 2018 saw the Beast from the East attack the UK, bringing snow, wind and unusually cold temperatures. The summer then brought extremely high and prolonged temperatures and no rain. Despite nature’s trials, the Friends Group continued with their plans.

Main Project for 2018

Each planting area within the park required overviewing. Many of the shrubs and perennials had become overgrown or were no-longer situated in the right area. It was decided that each bed would be looked at and completed one at a time.

In the centre bed, the pampas grass had become too large to maintain and so was removed and the group bought a silver birch as a new centre piece. The area also benefitted from moving some plants and shrubs to other parts of the bed or in some cases relocating elsewhere within the park. New perennials and shrubs were purchased by the Friends to add additional colour through foliage and flowers. 

There was a number of spring bulbs planted here, as well as in the school bed, opticians bed, the grassed area parallel to Sandy Lane and both beds either side of the Carlton Avenue path. 

The school bed, opticians bed and Compstall Road bed, were also worked on, with shrubs and perennials being pruned, relocated or removed. 

The Friends met once, twice and sometimes three times a month, to garden and plan the above project.

A plan of the planting has been formulated and a visual map completed, which is to be updated as when required. Thanks to Philippa Bonorino for identifying the planting and to Sophie Amumudu for designing the computerised plan. 

Laurel Along the Boundary Connecting the Front and Rear of the Park

Consultation with Stockport Council Parks and Outdoors was sought In order to reduce the fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour that has occurred over the years. It was agreed that the laurel be significantly reduced both in height and width. Work has started on this and should be completed in the spring of 2019.


This year saw a complete overhaul of the Friends website. The format had not altered since its launch. It is now more informative, professional and simple to navigate. 

Another advantage is that it allows us the opportunity to give our Sponsors and the Grant Authorities the recognition and publicity they so richly deserve.

Picnic Table

The Friends successfully applied to Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund for a grant to purchase a picnic table with wheelchair access. This has been installed just outside the children’s play area.


The long awaited noticeboard was finally installed. Many thanks to Alan Smith for providing the history of the village and how the park is incorporated and is a vital area within it. Special thanks to Darren Taylor for the art work on the map. 


The Group purchased a large gazebo, for use at events such as the fun day. Thanks to Romiley Primary School who agreed to store it for us.

Community Fun Day

Another fantastic community event, organised by the Friends sub-committee. These are non-gardeners, specifically brought together to organise throughout the year. They sort out the application for the day, sponsors, entertainment, competitions, voluntary exhibitors, etc. Itbrings together the villagers, allowing them to enjoy the facilities within the park and catchup with family, friends and neighbours. It was a huge success with much appreciation and praise received. 


Discussions and investigations began on projects for 2019. This has included a wild flower meadow, iron on signage at the Carlton Avenue ginnel to the park, additional floor painting in the children's play area. 


All these things mentioned could not have taken place without the devotion of time and energy of the following:

Friends who diligently turn up to garden in almost all weathers, bringing and sharing their experience and enthusiasm to the gardening and planning of the activities undertaken.

Pam Reid for her hard work as treasurer.

Jean Bartlett for her excellent social secretary skills.

Ian Walmsley (Head of Parks) and his staff at Stockport MBC, especially Jackie Budd and the Staff at Totally Local Company, who all provide their help and expertise to improve and maintain the park.

Romiley Lifecentre for their continued support, allowing us the use of this room and providing refreshments for the Friends.

Alan Smith in producing minutes of meetings, grant applications, consulting and meeting with the many parties that are required and necessary to ensure the success of all the things mentioned and some that are not.

Finally, our Friend Jill Lince who has been infamous in her maintenance of the Compstall Road bed and rear park planters, has had to hang up her trowel and spade. Jill has provided self-grown plants, designed and almost solely looked after these areas. She has given to the Group her time and expertise on gardening and we wholeheartedly Thank her and hope that she will continue to keep an eye on future works and provide us with her ideas and thoughts in the future.

5. Election of Officers

Chair – Tracey Adams was proposed, seconded and elected unanimously.

Treasurer – Pan Reed was proposed, seconded and elected unanimously.

Secretary – Alan Smith was proposed, seconded and elected unanimously.

7. There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 19.35.

Alan Smith 29/01/2019.