Minutes of the thirteenth Annual General Meeting held on 18 January 2022 at 10.00 at Romiley Life Centre. 

The Chair, Tracey Adams, welcomed all present and read out the Notice of the Meeting.

1​ Present: - Tracey Adams, Alan and Beryl Smith, Pam Reed, Philippa Bonorino, Jean Bartlett, Terry Holmes, Glenys Backhouse (All Residents)

Apologies: – Debbie Barraclough, Abdulnaser Alshurbaji, John Young, P Birchenough and Anne Granby.

2​ Minutes of the Meeting held on 12 January 2021were approved.

3​ Treasurer’s Report

Pam Reed presented the accounts for the year ending 31 December 2021.  Income totalled £272.00, a donation from a local history group and expenditure £1358.58 leaving a balance of £2573.54. There had again been little financial activity during the year because of the cancellation of the Fun Day due to the Covid pandemic. The items of expenditure were for the renewal of the website maintenance contract £104.30, plants £207.84, clothing £48.96 and the hire of equipment for scarifying the wildflower area £107.98

4​ Chairperson Annual Report

2021 was another year affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, gardening in the park was able to go ahead throughout. Unfortunately, Government restrictions meant that the Fun Day had to be once again cancelled.

We have been lucky to recruit two more gardeners this year and so welcome Damian and Anne.

Having more gardeners has meant that the group has been able to give most planting areas of the park regular attention.

There have been significant improvements in many parts. 

The beech hedge, that grows adjacent to the school, has seen the removal of a lot of the overgrown branches, which dramatically improved the look.

The optician’s bed at the front of the park has been completely overhauled and is looking healthy and vibrant and after the successful replanting of the main wet bed, work on the second one near the school gate has begun with the same format.

Attention has been maintained in the Carlton Avenue bed and this continues to provide a pleasant and colourful entry to the park from that side.

With careful planning by the Friends, the front circle has continued to provide a spectacular and colourful welcome to the main entrance of the green space, throughout the year. 

The school bed has seen the most significant change. After the removal of much of the tree canopy, the cotoneaster and other overgrown planting and shrubs, a large, light open space has now been revealed. This gives an exciting opportunity for the Group to introduce a different scheme of vibrant planting. At the end of the year the park gained a new planter at the Compstall Road gate of the park. A planting plan is underway, and this will be a welcome addition to the entrance.

The tubs throughout the park, continue to be kept well-tended, with Jean and Barbara changing the planting in line with the seasons.

With the support of the Anthony Crook, Senior Arboriculture and Habitat Officer at SMBC, the volunteers have introduced an area of wildflower meadow at the back of the park. The area saw numerous sessions for the removal of the very long and strong dock roots. It was then closely mown and scarified. Yellow rattle seed was sown in addition to the wildflowers that already exist in this section.

Sadly, several trees and shrubs throughout the park, have been damaged over the year. Fortunately, some were quickly replaced by Anthony.

The Friends are in discussions to put a small group of Betula trees, in the area near to the gym equipment.

All planting throughout the park, whether plants, bushes, shrubs, or trees is done with the intention to not only make a fabulous green space for people to use, but to encourage wildlife and help combat global warming.

We have been advised that two pieces of gym equipment were removed, due to health and safety. They had become unfit to use. These should be replaced in 2022.

2021 was yet another challenging time for a lot of people and as a group we were privileged to be able to continue to meet and garden in the park, within guidelines. Many visitors to the park told us how much they appreciated the work we have done. This green space is for everyone to enjoy, to provide somewhere that can help support physical and mental health and allow a time to escape these different and sometimes difficult days.

As with any organisation we can only continue to do this work due to support of many people:

The Friends of Romiley Park, for their tremendous hard work and enthusiasm. For not only gardening but seeking out ideas and planning for the park andproviding each other with friendship, laughter, and support.

To Pam Reid as Treasurer. 

Jean Bartlett as social secretary. 

Special thanks to Philippa Bonorino as secretary, who not only completes and circulates the minutes, but gives a considerable amount of time, to sometimes unseen work. This can include keeping in contact with SMBC officers and TLC workers, through meetings, writing and phone. Researching and completing grant applications.

SMBC Parks and Outdoor Spaces for their help and assistance.

Anthony Crook, Senior Arboriculture and Habitat Officer at SMBC, for his advice and work with trees and the wild lower meadow.

TLC for tasks including removing our green waste and cutting the grass.

Lesley Cranwell, Manager at Romiley Life Centre, for the continued support of the Group with use of a meeting room and refreshments. It means a lot to us.

Finally, we are looking forward to more gardening, staying healthy and happy and welcoming new Friends to our band of gardeners.

5​ Election of Officers

Chair – Tracey Adams was proposed, seconded and elected unanimously.

Treasurer – Pam Reed was proposed, seconded and elected unanimously.

Secretary – Philippa Bonorino was proposed, seconded and elected unanimously.

6​ Meal

It was proposed to have a meal in February instead of the usual meal after the AGM. Thursday 3 February at the Midway was agreed and Jean to make arrangements and circulate information to members.

7​ Fun Day

It was agreed that planning for a Fun Day should go ahead this year. Saturday 25 June was chosen. Alan will liaise with the Fun Day Committee and Tracey will contact Debbie Cox from the WI, who is hoping to coordinate community activities in relation to the celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee.

8​ Other business

The offer by the Marple and Romiley Lions to fund a commemorative tree in the park for the Jubilee was welcomed and an Acer suggested.

9 ​Next meeting

The next AGM will be held on Tuesday 10 January 2023.

There being no further business the Chair thanked the members for their attendance and the Life Centre for providing the room and declared the meeting closed at 11.30.

Philippa Bonorino21/01/2022