Report July and August 2022

Minutes of the Meeting held on 1 November 2022 at 10.00am at Romiley Life Centre

Present: - Tracey Adams, Philippa Bonorino, Pam Reed, Beryl and Alan Smith, Terry Holmes, Jean Bartlett.

Apologies for absence – John Young, Abdulnaser Alshurbaji

1. Minutes of meeting on 5 July and report from 13 September – agreed.

2. Matters arising

Sign for the Compstall Road entrance – there is a sign on the gate but the free standing one is still awaited. TA

3. Treasurer’s Report – since the last meeting there have been the following transactions: Expenditure on the Fun Day £1,335.81 and on plants £460.27. Income from the Fun Day £466.43. Donations of £100.00 were made to Romiley Primary School band, NK Theatre Arts and Ark. There is currently £2,1936.35 in the account. PR

4. Action Plan

  • Wildflower meadow – The grass was cut at the end of September, as requested. Half the cut grass has been raked off, the remainder will be completed as soon as there is a dry day PB/AS
  • Trees – The Lime seedling has been removed from the school be and a new stake provided for the newest Plane tree. Wood chippings have been spread round the Betulae. More chippings are available in the park for use as mulch. PB/TH/AS
  • School bed – Sixty plants and two Clematis were planted in September. Asclepias have been ordered for March. Gaps will be filled when plants become available. A Ceanothus will be bought from David G Ross TH/AS/PB

Compost was spread on the section near the road to improve the poor quality of the soil. TA/JB

The shrubs and plants between the cultivated areas will continue to be cut back and tidied. PB/AA

  • Wet beds – Both beds have continued to be weeded regularly and will continue to need monitoring. TH/AG
  • Centre bed – The Geum Prinses Juliana will be ordered and planted in the Spring. The Dahlias have flowered well and will be removed before the frosts. Regular maintenance continues. BS/TA
  • Optician’s bed – Has benefitted from regular maintenance. AS/PR/AG
  • Compstall Road – This area needs to be reviewed and overhauled in the Spring. PB/TA
  • Carlton Avenue – Regular maintenance is still needed. PB
  • Tubs – Additional compost has been added to all the tubs and new plants purchased for the Winter. Primroses and Wallflowers will be planted soon. A donation, which has been offered by the Chai Village café will beput towards the cost of the new plants. JB
  • Beech hedge – Work will continue at the earliest opportunity. TA/AA

6 Gardening – Wednesday 9 November, followed by a walk through the park to review plans, and Saturday 26 November. PB

7 Other business

  • Manchester Airport Community Fund visited the park and took photos as part of its celebration of the work carried out through the fund.
  • Compost heap – add turning it to the list of pending tasks. TH/PB
  • Lunch at the Duke of York will be organised after every meeting. JB
  • Visit to RHS Bridgewater – to be arranged for February 2023. PB

8 The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 10 January at 10.00 in the Life Centre (AGM)