Minutes of the Meeting held on 7 November 2023 at 10.00 at Romiley Life Centre

Present: Tracey Adams, Pam Read, Jean Bartlett, Philippa Bonorino

Apologies: Beryl Smith, Terry Holmes, John Young, Anne Granby, Abdulnaser Alshurbaji, Mohammad Alsaied, Glenys Backhouse

1. Minutes of the meeting on 5 September 2023 were accepted as a correct record.

2. Matters arising: none.

3. Treasurer’s Report: PR reported a balance of £1915.63.

4. Action Plan

  • Wildflower meadow –The area has been given a final cut for the year and scarified again. More Yellow Rattle seeds were sown to try to thin out the grass more. Some other donated wildflower seeds will be sown in the Spring as it is too wet now. PB
  • Trees – There has been some damage to two of the Betula. They should recover. Some new trees are awaited from Anthony Crook, including one to mark the Coronation. AC/PB
  • School bed – In the new area, Clematis Montana is flourishing but the Tangutica looks not to have survived. Now that most of the plants are in, some need moving to be seen better. The area next to Sandy Lane gave a good display of colour this summer. Regular maintenance is needed in both areas. PB/TH/TA/JB
  • Wet beds – Regular maintenance will continue. TH
  • Centre bed – Regular maintenance continues. Some Helenium and some grasses are ready to be split and transferred to the school bed. The Crocosmia Lucifer need thinning and some of the bushes need pruning. PB
  • Optician’s bed – The bed has been weeded. The hedge at the back will be trimmed at the next opportunity. PR/AG/AA
  • Compstall Rd – The beds have been weeded and tidied. PB
  • Carlton Ave – The bed has been weeded and cleared of low growing plants. The Cotoneaster near the path need trimming back. PB/AA
  • Tubs – The herb tub has been sponsored by the Chai Village Café and has a plaque. SMBC have offered some bulbs, which will be planted in the tubs. JB

5. Christmas Social – 1 December 2023 at the Spread Eagle, Hatherlow. Menu choices and payment should be sent to Jean before the end of November. JB

6. AWR Smith – All wanted to commemorate Alan’s contribution to the park. TA will liaise with his family. TA

7. Gardening – Monday 20 and Saturday 25 November 2023. PB

8. Other business

  • Fun Day – it was hoped it would go ahead this year. TA will contact the committee. TA
  • Website – needs updating. Agreed. TA to liaise. TA
  • Publicity – PB wrote an article for the new Romiley and Marple Post and included a call for volunteers. TA will circulate the link. TA

9. Next Meeting – Tuesday 9 January at 10.00 at the Life Centre (AGM)