Minutes of the Meeting held on 4 July 2023 at 10.00 at Romiley Life Centre

Present: Tracey Adams, Pam Read, Terry Holmes, Jean Bartlett, Philippa Bonorino

Apologies: Beryl and Alan Smith, John Young, Anne Granby, Abdulnaser Alshurbaji, Mohammad Alsaied, Glenys Backhouse

1. Minutes of the meeting on 4 July 2023 were accepted as a correct record.

2. Matters arising: Lunch at the Swan followed by a visit to the Ross Nursery was a successful outing

3. Treasurer’s Report: PR reported a balance of £2046.93.

4. Action Plan

  • Wildflower meadow – A session removing docks made a big impact. The grass should be cut soon and more Yellow Rattle seed planted to try to thin out the grass more. PB
  • Trees – Larger pots for the Paulownias were donated by TLC. One of the Hawthorns by the Compstall Road entrance has died but no replacement is needed. PB
  • School bed – In the new area, Phlox have been planted out and are growing well and the Clematis retied. Regular maintenance continues. More plants have been added to the area next to Sandy Lane, which is looking much more attractive. PB/ TA / JB
  • Wet beds – A session working on the larger bed is needed. TH
  • Centre bed – Regular maintenance continues. Some Helenium are ready to be split and transferred to the school bed. PB
  • Optician’s bed – A session working on this bed is needed. PR offered to lead the work. PR
  • Compstall Rd – The ivy which was moved when a new fence was put up has been removed and tidied. Another gardening session is required soon. PB
  • Carlton Ave – As it was decided to focus on shrubs or larger plants in this bed, some S Hot Lips cuttings are being grown on for planting out in the Spring. PB
  • Tubs – JB has kept the tubs trimmed and the Lions’ and the Carlton Avenue entrance tubs are still looking good. The herbs planted in the tub near the gym equipment have taken well. JB

5. Christmas Social – 1 December 2023 at the Spread Eagle, Hatherlow. JB

6. Gardening – Tuesday 12 and Saturday 30 September 2023. PB

7. Other business

  • TA proposed that the meetings of the FoRP take place once a quarter. It was agreed that this would be implemented from the next AGM. TA
  • Compost heap to be turned and inspected for possible use. TH
  • Support from the Stockport Green Team for removing fly posting from the park railings has been good.

8. Next Meeting – Tuesday 7 November at 10.00 at the Life Centre